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Individual Tailoring

When you’re looking for something unique and truly special, all you need to do is ask. Whether it’s a different shade, extra storage, or something completely new, we’re here to help.

Here are just a few of the ways we can make your latest purchase from GODA one of a kind:

  • New lining for an inspired finishing touch.
  • Extra pockets so you never run out of storage.
  • New leather color to make you instantly stand out.
  • Fresh paint design for a unique flair.
  • Transform the color and design of the bedding or hardware.

To learn more about our customization process, here’s how it works:

Personal Consultation: Everything starts with a personal consultation at no extra charge, where our designers provide creative solutions, straightforward pricing, and a clear outline of your options and timeline.

Transparent Prepayment: Once everything is finalized and you’re completely happy with our proposal, we require a transparent 70% nonrefundable prepayment to begin work. This ensures your custom project is smoothly managed from start to finish, with regular updates provided.

Expert Crafting: Our team then meticulously cuts, paints, and sews every detail, ensuring your piece is unique. Please note, once work begins, we cannot make changes, which is why we finalize all details beforehand.

Relax and Enjoy: All you need to do is relax while we handle the hard work. We ensure that you receive something exceptional, truly one of a kind.


Get in touch directly and we’ll be happy to answer any questions. With GODA, creating something unique is really that simple.

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