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The GODA Story: Bags elevated to an art form​

GODA flowed out of the serene land of Birstonas, allowing every woman to embrace who she is on a far deeper level. Fashion had met art at this moment, delivering a finished article that instantly became a masterpiece in its own right.

This transformation and sense of elevation signifies a moment in time; a moment after which your unique beauty, character, and personality is there for the world to see.

Today you will find GODA handmade leather bags at the very pinnacle of self expression, constantly striving to shine the spotlight on inner beauty. Our thoughtful blend of style and substance gives a voice to the inner woman, allowing her to glide across the world like never before. Her journey becomes so weightless and effortless she wouldn’t leave a single footprint along the way. What she does instead is turn all eyes in here direction.

This is our story, now it’s time for you to write your own chapter.

Explore our collection and find your perfect piece today.

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