The rebirth of artisan personal style

GODA exists as a creative outlet that combines the elegance of handmade leather bags with the inner voice that guides your passion. Carrying a GODA design on your arm is a statement about who you are and a chance to liberate yourself from the status quo. It’s about being free, feeling authentic, and showcasing a unique sense of style.


The elevation of an art form

Our passion lies in combining a practical everyday design with creative nuances that feel mystical and enchanting in a timeless way. Simple cuts of leather executed to perfection and blended with sumptuous supporting materials give you complete freedom to create a look and a presence that sets you free.

Explore The Artistry

Nothing compares to the feeling of effortless, weightless freedom that sets you free to glide into the room with everything in synch. The artistry of every piece we put our name to is on full display from every angle, from the refined finish of the stitching to the supple nature of the leather. The result is a timeless expression of who you are that allows you to live life on your own terms. Where will you go next?

You have the freedom to write the next chapter

GODA sets you free to be whoever you wish to be in the world, all while striking a harmonious balance between style and function. The result is complete freedom over how our story becomes your story. We give you the starting point and you let it weave through life however the mood takes you.

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