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After care

Because a handmade product is truly special, we believe there’s no substitute for taking a couple of minutes to master the key points of leather care. Trust us, it will make sure your latest addition looks as good as new for a lifetime as it ages in just the right way.

Packing is an art form

Keeping to the elegant outline of your bag when packing is the simple way to make sure the shape doesn’t become stretched or distorted. Gently place each item into the bag and the shape will stay true for years to come.

Give your bag space to rest

When you lay your bag down, make sure to keep it away from prolonged contact with other colored surfaces. Colors can bleed and change, and they’re very hard to reverse once the process begins. The same goes for perfumes, inks and alcohol. If in doubt, give your bag a gentle clean with a dedicated alcohol-free leather cleaner.

Keep your bag in the shade

Direct heat, sunlight and humidity can all compromise the quality of your leather. Keep it cool, shaded and dry and you’ll have a naturally aging finish you’re proud to take with you no matter where life goes. And if it gets wet along the way, put your hairdryer to one side and stick with nothing but simple air drying.

Waterproofing makes all the difference

Using a dedicated leather conditioner will allow the leather to repel moisture and also provide a first level of protection against scratches and scrapes. Exactly what you want to hear when it’s time to give your bag the care and protection it really needs.

Storage is all about ventilation

Keeping the air circulating will ensure your leather stays fresh and vibrant. Fill it with butter paper to avoid the shape changing over time, and make sure to avoid plastic bags as they have a habit of condensing moisture onto the surface of the leather.

Cleaning is subtle and gentle

Cleaning a hand-painted leather bag is all about light cleaning with an alcohol-free cleaner. If in doubt about what to use, get in touch direct and we’ll be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Now that you know how to look after your hand-painted bag the right way, it’s over to you to take the simple steps that will allow it to catch the eye for a lifetime.

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